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Home Renovation Apps: A Professional's Review 1

Home Renovation Apps: A Professional’s Review

The Canadian Home Builders Association recently launched the new MyReno App. We got our team to give their professional feedback on how this new app will change the reno game!

About the MyReno App

The MyReno App is backed by the CHBA, the voice of Canada’s residential construction industry, so you know you’re in safe hands. With years of home building experience, rest assured they’ve thought of everything when it comes to this app. The app itself is essentially a tool that guides you through the earliest planning stages of a project and helps you take those next steps.

How to use the MyReno App

Step 1: Answer questions about your goals and your dreams for your reno, right there in the app.

Step 2: Make your dreams into an album! Source and find images online and from Pinterest, then create a lookbook that you can share with your contractor directly from the app.

Step 3: Determine your budget, upload it to the app, and the app will help you stay on budget, and help you keep track of anything new you discover as you plan.

Step 4: When you’re ready to go, find your perfect fit contractor in the app’s directory, featuring reputable members of the CHBA.

Our thoughts on the App

I think the MyReno app is a good way for someone to gather ideas in one location! Ideas can be sorted by room, and you can calculate the costs as you go as well. The person can easily forward their ideas to their designer/contractor, making that transition much smoother. The one downside? I see the app as being helpful for the planning stages but not necessarily the actual construction phase of the project. But that’s when a good project manager will take over!’ – Sonya, Gilbert + Burke

If you’re thinking of starting a home reno, get our Ultimate Home Renovation Guide for a wealth of free information for every step (including the actual construction phase!)

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