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How To Get The Chic Lake Rosseau Cottage Style On Any Lake 1

How To Get The Chic Lake Rosseau Cottage Style On Any Lake

How To Get The Chic Lake Rosseau Cottage Style On Any Lake 2

Ah, to spend a week at your getaway on Lake Rosseau. Just you, a glass of rosé, and a chat with Goldie and Kurt from down the shore. Maybe Marty will show up later, too…oh, you probably know him as Martin Short, Member of the Order of Canada.

Okay, so maybe you don’t have a sprawling cottage property with all the other celebrities and big wigs on Lake Rousseau, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a similar sort of comfort in your own cottage. Here are a few simple things you can you do to give your cottage that exclusive feel.

How To Get The Chic Lake Rosseau Cottage Style On Any Lake 3


What’s a lakefront house if you don’t show off your boating lifestyle? A boathouse makes for a simple addition that embodies the grand vision that comes with a Lake Rosseau cottage.

Practical consideration: Check your local bylaws. Some lakes don’t permit new boathouses (anymore), and there are a few new municipal requirements for getting a boathouse permit. Expect it to take a year for design and permit acquisition.

How To Get The Chic Lake Rosseau Cottage Style On Any Lake 4

Seamless Windows, Epic Lake Views

Show off your natural surroundings with natural light. Your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom: big windows make the natural surroundings feel more a part of your living space. Plus, the ample natural light and gorgeous vistas are fantastic in and of themselves.

Practical consideration: Really big windows need the right support structure. The Ontario Building Code specifies the ratio of window space allowed per wall space since too much window will lead to heat loss. If it’s a new build, walk around the lot with your designer. Imagine the view you want from each room, then design and situate the cottage to suit your vision.

How To Get The Chic Lake Rosseau Cottage Style On Any Lake 5

“Gourmet” Kitchen

As we’ve shown, recent trends in kitchen spaces lean towards making it a professional-quality cooking area that doubles as a modern entertainment space – almost as if you had some big-name neighbours you’d like to invite over and impress. If that’s your intent, it’s a good idea to have a large kitchen island (for cooking and serving), bold light fixtures, and statement floor tiles. And then there are the essential appliances and storage space – stove, fridge, ample pantry – that let you cook up the goods. Discover the many possibilities that lie in store for you, and you’ll find yourself on the way to having a kitchen fit for entertaining master entertainers.

Practical consideration: Ample fridge space is essential in the summer. Consider locating your beverage fridge, wine fridge, and food fridge in key locations, wherever the most use takes place. And remember, your kitchen’s design depends largely on how many cooks and guests you expect each weekend.

How To Get The Chic Lake Rosseau Cottage Style On Any Lake 6

Master Bedroom with Ensuite

Like a Russian nesting doll, the best master bedroom will have its own escape: a luxurious ensuite bathroom. Away from guests, even away from your partner (while they’re still sleeping soundly, perhaps), a long, hot shower or languid bath in a gorgeously-tiled bathroom may be just what you need to feel at one with yourself.

Practical consideration: Cottages are typically on a well and septic system. Consider the water pressure you have available before you install, say, a 15-head body shower to be sure it will function. Also, make sure your septic system is able to handle more bathrooms.

How To Get The Chic Lake Rosseau Cottage Style On Any Lake 7


If a large part of an Ontario cottage’s appeal lies in the landscape, then a big draw for a Lake Rosseau-style cottage lies in the landscaping. Blend in with the forest, water, and star-speckled sky with an easy-to-maintain garden of rocks, wildflowers, and hardy perennials. Then, add a little luxury with an outdoor fireplace and a strategically placed hot tub for incredible views as you soak to your heart’s content.

Now that we’ve planted these glamorous ideas in your imagination, check out our Ultimate Home Renovation Guide and get some more ideas about how you can build them.

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