5 Things to Staying Safe and Inspired at Home

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5 Things to Staying Safe and Inspired at Home 1

5 Things to Staying Safe and Inspired at Home

During this unique time, travelling is fairly out of the picture for most people and having large gatherings at your favourite cottage is, too. While it’s easy to miss your people and crave time to travel, there are still plenty of inspiring projects to do at home that’ll help you make the most of your time.

From dreaming up a list of projects and scoping out a new outdoor oasis to doing a small renovation or flexing that green thumb of yours, we’ve compiled a list of activities that will make staying at home productive, fun and inspiring.

1. Consider a new home project

There’s simply no time like being stuck at home to give your place a little facelift, whether you’re wanting to build a whole new deck or simply looking to upgrade your fixtures. Take the time to make a dream list of projects you want completed throughout your home, and start checking things off your list!

Many home improvement stores are following social distancing mandates, so it might just be a great time to embrace your inner DIY-er. At Gilbert + Burke, nothing is more important to us than helping our clients while maintaining strict sanitation and social distancing protocols. Home improvement is our passion and we’re here to help you with any renovation projects that strike your fancy. Whether you’re looking into doing smaller renovations or bigger projects, we can be your helping hand.

2. Explore your surroundings

Spending time at your usual indoor hangout spots might be out of the question at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of magic left to explore in the outdoors. Get out of your house to scope out the nearby trails, parks and nature that exist around you and make use out of them! Whether you decide to set out on a fishing expedition or lace up those hiking boots on a nearby trail, there’s nothing more relaxing and healing than a day spent outdoors.

5 Things to Staying Safe and Inspired at Home 2

3. Grow your green thumb

As spring winds down and summer ramps up, it’s a particularly perfect time to get outside and grow that garden you’ve been thinking about outside your home. Plant some seasonal flowers, dream up some landscaping plans and make the outdoors as inviting as your indoors are. If you’re outside and notice some siding that needs replacing or a section that you’d like to upgrade, contact us. Social distancing is a must for our outdoor projects, and we specialize in turning your homes into the oasis you’re searching for.

4. Get a little spring cleaning done

Being stuck at home during a long weekend is a great time to work through some of those home cleaning projects that you’ve been avoiding, like clearing your gutters, scrubbing your baseboards and organizing your garage. While cleaning might not be particularly joyful in the moment, the payoff is huge when your home is sparkling afterwards. If you’re feeling really fancy, contact us for some help with building storage units in your garage or optimizing your new and organized space with built-ins or additions.

5. Create a summer bucket list

Perhaps the most inspiring way to spend the extra time at home is to make the most out of it by creating a list of must-dos for the upcoming summer. Dream big on your list, writing down everything from the small things like finally finishing those books on your bedside table to the big things like saving up for a new home project. By the end of your prolonged-time at home, you may very well have done everything from organizing your wine collection to adding onto your home. It sounds like a pretty productive way to spend that time, doesn’t it?

While you might be used to spending more time at your cottage, making the most of staying safe at home is a great way to spend your spring and summer. By intentionally chasing fun and embracing projects that fill you up, you won’t even miss your cottage (well, you won’t miss it too much). Just know that it’s still there waiting for you, and we’re happy to help with any projects at your cottage or in your home. Your safety is our priority, so get in touch with us here if we can be of help to you during this season.

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