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The Projects That Made Us: Bock Project

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been lucky to have some incredible projects — like this contemporary cottage design.

Year: 2010

With countless projects under our (tool) belt, it’s always special when other people find them just as charming as we do. The Muskoka in the Pines project is the most loved construction project on our website — a stunning Peter Groza signature design settled in Muskoka cottage country with a truly luxurious feel and an impressive facade. Built with a love for the surrounding environment and even an additional custom boathouse, our Muskoka in the Pines project is simply the best of the best.

See more pictures of The Muskoka in the Pines in our gallery

With clients looking to impressively entertain in a luxurious environment, we knew that our job was to create an extraordinary design that encapsulated the beauty of Muskoka cottage country and blended it with the unique, trademark Groza feel. We combined contemporary design with a cottage feel, tying in various types of rooflines and creating windowscapes to show the utter beauty on the other side of the glass. With a barrelled ceiling, use of curved timber frames and custom made cabinetry, there was absolutely nothing run-of-the-mill about this project. We pushed the norms further by also building a custom boathouse, which added a large, extended dock to give our clients more room for outdoor activities and additional sleeping space for guests.

The Projects That Made Us: Bock Project 1

The Projects That Made Us: Bock Project 2

See more pictures of The Muskoka in the Pines in our gallery.

At the end of the project, the Muskoka in the Pines was an absolute masterpiece. The master bedroom suite is a wonderland inside the home, full wall-to-wall with windows that make it appear like you’re in the forest. Along with custom lighting and elaborate woodwork, this project is in a league of its own. Using modern touches, luxury additions and environmental appreciation, Muskoka in the Pines continued to keep its spot as a top Gilbert + Burke project.

The Projects That Made Us: Bock Project 3

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