The Guest Suite of Your Dreams: A Luxurious Place to Stay

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The Guest Suite of Your Dreams: A Luxurious Place to Stay 1

The Guest Suite of Your Dreams: A Luxurious Place to Stay

Recent trends in remodelling projects reflect a change in attitude about hosting friends, family, or company overnight.

Instead of simply reserving a room, or in some cases, a couch for your houseguests, offer them a luxurious suite designed with guests in mind.

In the case of a new build, often spacious guest suites are designed and planned right into the blueprints. Remodelling means finding space (or adding space) to an existing home to accommodate stays. This process requires careful design and accounts for many factors, including function, company, and style.

Where form meets function

What do you need from this space? Perhaps you anticipate that family will be staying with you for long stretches at a time, like a summer vacation, or over Christmas holidays. If your guests are staying for longer than one night, there are very different space requirements to consider. For example, a roomier closet, a bathroom with a shower and tub, or even a small kitchenette, offers your guests the opportunity to be independent and feel completely at home.

Muskokan Elegance

If the suite’s function is to accommodate brief overnight stays, your space requirements shift. Large closets aren’t a priority; instead, consider a small vanity area. Consider using the additional floor space to feature large windows with a view, a television, or a reading nook. Short-term guests still deserve to enjoy the comforts of home, but won’t need the same amount of space, for the same amount of time.

Think about the company you keep

Space considerations should also take into account the type of company you expect to stay most often. If you’re designing predominantly to accommodate a family with small children, the suite might need more than one room, and the bathroom may need to feature a large tub instead of a stand-up shower. If you’re anticipating elderly guests, the suite will more than likely need to be on the main floor instead of a lofty addition three floors up. It’s important to remember that, ultimately, the suite is for your guests. Consider them first when designing or remodeling a space for them in your home.

Make room for style

A guest suite with two beds makes for much more comfortable accommodations than putting people on the couch. Muskokan Elegance

A guest suite can be a substantial addition and investment in your home, so it’s still important for the room to reflect your personal style. Just because the suite is for guests doesn’t mean you can’t create harmony with the rest of your home. Bring in the colour scheme used throughout your home with design accents, wall colour or decor, and materials. Your design decisions may also be informed by the space itself. If you’ve built an addition that faces south or has the potential for stunning views, use of windows or skylights, materials, and even colour tones will be affected. It’s important to keep your guests’ comfort in mind. While the suite is an extension of your home, be careful about the amount of personalization it takes on.

Gone are the days when guests stay on blow-up mattresses, couches, and make-shift beds in the hallway. In fact, comfier accommodations are increasingly common. Guest suites are the latest way to provide a luxury “home away from home” for your company.

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