The People Who Have Made Us: Tim Faller, of Field Training Services

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The People Who Have Made Us: Tim Faller, of Field Training Services 1

The People Who Have Made Us: Tim Faller, of Field Training Services

20 years of business have made us lucky enough to meet many people who have changed the Gilbert + Burke team, like Remodeller’s Advantage’s Tim Faller, of Field Training Services.

As we’ve explored during this blog series, a very large part of our success lies with finding and working with people who make us and the team stronger, better and more effective. One of the biggest benefits to our business has been when we worked with Tim Faller (and others) of Remodellers Advantage for construction and remodeling profitability coaching.

We belonged to Remodellers Advantage for around three years, and we learned an invaluable amount of information that helped us to design a business model to help us succeed and prosper as a company. With Remodellers Advantage at our side, we learned everything from evaluating financial records and estimating to marketing and production. We ended up resigning from the group in 2012 to focus on sales training — at the time, an area we were weak in — but the amount we learned and the community we built by being a part of the organization lasted. In fact, we don’t think we would be where we are today without this influence. All in all, the expertise of Remodellers Advantage has helped us to get over many business mountains. “Over a 20 year history companies change. Gilbert and Burke has changed more rapidly than many. What stands out to me are those defining moments and the actions taken to be sure the company succeeds,” Tim said. “When they first realized that they needed someone like Brian to manage the production so Randy and Cathy could focus on the business; that “moment” when they saw that trying to run two different companies, the renovation side and the energy side, was just too complicated to make each work and they handed off the energy side to their son; the reaction to business slowdowns that triggered definitive action to be sure all the stakeholders, owners, employees, and clients, were protected.”

Over the last 20 years, we’ve gone through more growth and challenge than we could ever have expected. However, none of that growth would have happened for us without great people on our side, and Tim Faller has for sure been one of those for the Gilbert + Burke team.

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